Sunday, May 29, 2005

Indian Princess at Cannes

Indian film actress Mallika Sherawat dazzled as the `Exotic Princess from India' when she attended this year’s Cannes International Film Festival in France, embellished with Rs 45 million worth jewellery.' "Yes!" confirms Mallika, "I am truly going like a princess at Cannes."

The actress was at Cannes to promote her film, “The Myth,” in which she plays a princess from India, and famous action hero Jackie Chan’s love interest.

Sherawat wore diamonds and the jewelry designs incorporated paisleys and flowers. Using emeralds, rubies, real pearls, diamond beads and rose cuts, each piece of jewelry represents a different state of India.

mallika sherawat at cannes

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Tulip E-Go Diamond

Tulip developed the E-Go lifestyle notebook which is inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates in which thousands of 80 carats top-quality, brilliant cut diamonds have been pave set with surgical precision. The E-Go is developed to meet a growing tendency towards design and personalization. The laptop is aptly named the Tulip E-Go a, ‘Easy Going’ device, its covers can be changed and it reflects the individual personality and mood of the owner. Its even got lifestyle oriented covers.

The magnificent end result also incorporates a unique square cut ruby set in both Tulip logos and costs US$ 355,000.

The company origianlly wanted to develop a product from the perspective of a woman that it should look like a fashion accessory than a notebook. And the result is this product an elegant handbag with numerous novel features. The designs are made for six fabric and leather laptop versions, this should be available in the market by October 2005. In addition to these personalised and changeable covers, it is also going to include complementary accessories like design bags and mice.

tulip e-go notebook

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

MacDonald in Diamonds...

Global television anchor Lesley MacDonald was invited by Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan to host the Government of Canada dinner for the Queen. And she, of course, wondered what to wear. McLellan finally wore a black peau de soi satin gown with jewelry courtesy of a friend, Roger Morton, a jeweler.

MacDonald's pendant was a diamond-set neckpiece in 18-karat yellow gold with two carats of diamonds. Her earrings were in 18-K gold, totalling two carats of diamonds in a round cluster with pear-shaped-diamond drops and an 18-K yellow gold bangle. She also wore an antique-style, 18-K gold ring, with sapphires and diamonds, 1.50 K in total weight.

"I eventually borrowed a gown and $30,000 worth of jewellery," Ms MacDonald told the Edmonton Journal.

Lesley MacDonald with the Queen

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Friday, May 27, 2005

De Beers Millenium Star Diamond

The priceless De Beers Millennium Star diamond will go on display at the National History Museum. Tight security will be in force for the world's biggest ever diamond exhibition, being held at the London museum from July 8 to February 26.

Dr Michael Dixon, the Museum's Director said: ‘We feel privileged to be able to include this incredibly rare and iconic stone in our exhibition. Visitors will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful and rare diamonds and the De Beers Millennium Star is a true highlight.’

The star diamond was first displayed at London’s Millennium Dome in October 1999 as the centerpiece of the De Beers Millennium diamond collection. There was an attempt of robbery on November 7, 2000. It has not been on public display in the UK since.

The De Beers Millennium Star is at 203.04-carat and weighs 40.608 g, it is the world’s largest top colour D, internally and externally flawless, pear-shaped diamond. The diamond was discovered in the Mbuji-Mayi district of Zaire in 1990 and later purchased by De Beers.

de beers millenium star diamond

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Colors at the Globe Awards...

This years Golden Globe Awards had a vivid display of elegant, feminine frocks that spun the globe, with color paramount from mocha zircon to ruby red. Not only the fashions' classic and colorful, so were the accessories!!! Overwhelmingly, the ears had it, with large, statement earrings in gemmy drops, dangles, and chandeliers jewels of the moment.

19 karat emerald drops by Harry Winston were seen on star Emmy Rossum of the 'Phanton of the Opera' fame.
Charlize Theron wore an electric midnight blue Christian Dior gown and wore aquamarine drops of 36.6 karats along with it.
Other talked about gemstones include the 9-carat cushion cut amethyst ring with diamonds in platinum worn by our juliet Claire Danes.
Did you spot the 12-carat cushion cut pink morganite ring with diamonds in platinum worn by Sophie Okonedo, by Harry Winston.

Interestingly, celebrities are moving from their black and white norm of the red carpet to new classy colors. One of my favorite places to shop for gemstone jewelry is MontRED. Here you can pick from the various clusters of colors, may it be amethyst, garnet, topaz or ruby.

emmy rossum at awardsMontRED Gemstone Jewelry

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Diamonds in ancient China...

A group of Chinese-US team of scientists have discovered new evidence stating that stone age craftsmen in China used diamonds to polish jade objects 2000 years before anyone else had. Peter Lu and colleagues from Harvard University studied four ceremonial burial axes, about 4500 years old. Scientists say that quartz alone would not have been able to achieve such lustrous finishes.

For research, the scientist took a small stone sample from one of the axes and subjected it to polishing with diamond, alumina, silica, etc and did varied experiements. No matter what modern techniques they used, they team couldnt achieve a surface as flat and smooth as of the axe. They concluded that the use of corundum could have slashed production times and diamond could have added the finishing touches.

Stone Age Axe

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

major breakthough in Diamonds...

In a major breakthrough a 10 carat, half inch thick single crystal diamond was made, at a rapid growth rate like 100 micrometeres per hr, by the chemical vapor deposition process (CVD). Dr. Russell who leads this study said that, many groups have tried to produce single diamond crystals with the CVD process but the attempt at making flawless, colorless ones is still in vain. He further stated, "High-quality crystals over 3 carats are very difficult to produce using the conventional approach."

This research was carried out at the Geophysical Laboratory at Carnegie Institute. This diamond is about five times the size of a common diamond which is usually made by the HPHT (high pressure/high temperature) process or other CVD processes. Most HPHT synthetic diamonds are yellow and most CVD diamond are brown, limiting their optical applications. But the Carnegie team has sucessfully made colorless single-crystal diamonds, transparent from the ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths with their CVD process.

Now as colorless diamonds are being produced at high growth rate and low costs, large blocks of diamonds should be available for a variety of applications. “The diamond age is upon us,” concluded Hemley.

single crystal diamond

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Gem of the month June: Moonstone

The shimmering pale blue Moonstone is an ideal gemstone for jewelry with a sensuous and feminine character. It is found mainly in Sri Lanka. 'Adularescence' is the phenomenon of the light illuminating from a moonstone; incoming rays are refracted and thereby create a unique play of light which makes the stone special and coveted.

If you dont have a big budget you can go in for the brighter colored moonstones which are in fashion and comparatively cheaper than the classical blue ones, hence u can combine your preferred taste and budget. Moonstones can be fragile, but small damages can be easily corrected by a jeweler by polishing and it regains its mystical light; As good as new!!!

Moonstones possess a sensuous and seductive charm. Not only to be looked at and admired but to be worn and adorned; as only then will the soft veil of its light make this gemstone so attractive displaying its beauty to the best effect.


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