Monday, May 16, 2005

Blackest Black...

The most common diamond that we all know of is the White Diamond. Diamonds come in varied colors but have you ever heard of a Black Diamond?? A black diamond is a non-spectral color. Interestingly, it has a measurable range of lightness even though it lacks saturation. Black in diamonds is a neutral color. Though for us, black is just Black but it can also vary in tones, like pale black as in charcoal, dull black like ink black, then you can find bright gun metal black, all having weak saturation. The common mix of black diamonds are charcoal, gunmetal, ink, jet, midnight, onyx and pitch.

Black diamonds today are considered as the least favourite color in diamonds, but being natural diamonds they are quite rare and expensive too. So if you want to be exclusive, are bold enough, and want to add black magic to your jewelry, flaunt your Black diamonds. Black of a diamond is the darkest color sensation to our sight and senses, but yet there is deep beauty in the black too.....

black diamond

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