Thursday, May 12, 2005

ICA Gemstone Poster Competition....

The ICA, which is the only international organization dedicated to the promotion of precious colored gemstones, organised International Poster Competition at Bangkok.This ever more popular competition was held for the first time at the ICA Congress in Sydney(2001), and for the second time in India(2003).

ICA President Joseph Menzie said, “The poster competition is one of those great vehicles that allow us to offer new ideas as to how to promote colored gemstones. Every competition brings these new ideas out into the open in a very beautiful and colorful way,” he added.

Faizah Bhatti, (graphic director-GIA) was declared winner and the design depicted an ocean and sky at sunset, highlighted with colorful gemstones and bearing the slogan, “Color is the Passion of Life.”

Kassif, (MD, Israel Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange), "The love for colored gemstone crosses borders and cultural boundaries. The love for color in jewelry is really catching on, as we can see in almost every consumer magazine and newspaper,” he said.


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