Saturday, May 28, 2005

MacDonald in Diamonds...

Global television anchor Lesley MacDonald was invited by Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan to host the Government of Canada dinner for the Queen. And she, of course, wondered what to wear. McLellan finally wore a black peau de soi satin gown with jewelry courtesy of a friend, Roger Morton, a jeweler.

MacDonald's pendant was a diamond-set neckpiece in 18-karat yellow gold with two carats of diamonds. Her earrings were in 18-K gold, totalling two carats of diamonds in a round cluster with pear-shaped-diamond drops and an 18-K yellow gold bangle. She also wore an antique-style, 18-K gold ring, with sapphires and diamonds, 1.50 K in total weight.

"I eventually borrowed a gown and $30,000 worth of jewellery," Ms MacDonald told the Edmonton Journal.

Lesley MacDonald with the Queen

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