Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Magnificent Jewels....

Christie's auctioned some beautiful pieces of jewelry last month at New Yorks' Rockefeller Center, and achieved a total sale of $ 31.7 million.

Amongst these was the most talked about unique 50.01 carat D flawless rectangular-cut diamond ring by Laurence Graff which fetched a whooping $4.2 million. An oval-cut Burmese ruby of 8.01 carats realised a $ 2,200,000, setting world auction record per carat for a ruby.

An antique ruby, diamond and enamel brooch by Tiffany & Co. and a cushion cut sapphire and diamond ring of 16.79 carats were also some exquisite jewels to on sale. The sale was a huge success at 93% sold by value and 88% by lot.


Francois Curiel, Chairman of Christie's said, "The market for jewelry is on the rise, there is a renewed confidence in jewelry as confirmed by the substantial
increase in our sale total, the highest in New York in nearly a decade."

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